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Who we are and what we do:

A "root doctor" is the term for a person working in the American Hoodoo Conjure tradition performing all kinds of spells and rituals. In Scandinavia, we are called "trollkunning" or "klok". Some call us "Witchdoctors" or "Magicians". If this is what you are looking for you have come to the right place.

Johannes B. Gårdbäck is the founder of The Root Doctor and has been a practitioner for more than 25 years. For the past 20 years, he has been providing a worldwide clientele with high-quality magical and spiritual services. His knowledge of the Scandinavian folk magic and divinatory tradition has been summed up in the book "Trolldom - Spells and methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition". His extensive experience in the Afroamerican tradition of Hoodoo Conjure can also be found in book form. All are available here on the books page. Johannes is currently focusing on teaching and is not available for readings and spellwork at this time. Johannes speaks Swedish & English. Read more about Johannes here.

Carl Nordblom is a traditional Trolldom practitioner and author of . He is trained in dealing with all kinds of situations with special skills in cleansing and removing curses, evil eye, and the influence of malicious spirits. Carl lives in the United Kingdom and speaks Swedish and English. Read more about Carl here. 

Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie is a Trolldom practitioner. She is trained in the tradition and uses both traditional and untraditional means in a creative way, to help those who need it; to remove curses, enhance luck, avert evil eyes, or change a situation or a relationship in any walk of life and in any area. Lisa speaks Norwegian, English and French. Read more about Lisa here...

Simone Kotva is a Trolldom practitioner. She is trained in the traditional ways and takes on any case that is justified. Simone lives in Norway and the UK. She speaks Swedish and English. Read more about Simone here...

Vi som jobbar på The Root Doctor talar svenska men vi har valt engelska som huvudspråk här på hemsidan då vi jobbar med klienter från hela världen. 

For informantion and requests please contact us at / För information och förfrågningar vänligen kontakta oss via e-post på : order(at)therootdoctor.se