Trolldom in the US

Safely back home after some lovely magical sensitivity workshops and a trolldom lecture in Shelton, Washington. So much fun and so many talented and gifted people among the students. 

Also got to experience the high class magical product making skills of Catamara Rosarium from Rosarium Blends and Marcus R McCoy of Trollcunning Forge & the House of Orpehus. Along with their strong mead and delicious cooking skills. Lovely evening indeed.
But the best thing of the whole trip was having had the opportunity to do the first ever traditional Trolldom initiation rite in the US. I honestly had serious doubt that it would be possible without standing on Scandinavian soil but I was proven wrong indeed. The right spirits showed up and even the black man himself and did what they do. And the subject was ready for it. Corinne Boyer of Maplemist Woods - you made me proud. Bye, bye long term student and welcome to another equal in Trolldom.