About Carl Nordblom

From very early on in my life growing up on the West Coast of Sweden and being exposed to the local folklore and practices I’ve always been drawn to the “hidden” and “unknown” side of things. Be it the powers found in nature, the spirits of the household or the inner worlds of the soul; I’ve always known that there is more to life than usually meets the eye. Since my teens I have been interested in magic, divination and meditation, and over the years I have been trained in a great number of methods and practices from several traditions. These included for instance ceremonial and sigil magic, tarot reading and various kinds of folk magic, and as I got good results I became eager to go even deeper. I simply wanted to learn how to practice magic professionally in a genuine way that “really works”, and in 2018 I had the fortune of taking up an apprenticeship with Dr. Johannes.

After two years of intense practical training with Johannes, I have mastered the skills of several magical and psychic techniques to help clients in a wide variety of ways. These include various forms of divination, psychic readings, spirit summoning and a huge number of spell-work. I’ve especially come to love the art of healing and cleansing clients of unwanted influences, as well as helping them to regain a happier, healthier life by connecting them with positive spiritual powers. My training enables me to find out whatever issue(s) there might be that hinder you from this, and then clear or remove them in a skillful, organic and effective way.

Being Swedish, I personally enjoy the cultivation and practice of my native folk magical tradition. By my skills as a synsk (seer/psychic) or a klok (cunning man), I’m trained to help you with most kinds of spiritual problems by using the techniques found within the Trolldom tradition. By the use of divination (spådom), charms (troll formler), herbal magic, spirit communication and more, I can offer you highly personalized and authentic work to help you with both ordinary as well as “extraordinary” problems.

Carl currently lives in London and speak both Swedish and English.