About Ola Mattsson

Ola got in contact with Dr Johannes in 2014 looking for help to solve a personal issue. The treatment was successful but Dr Johannes soon discovered that Ola had “the gift” and made him his personal apprentice. Their co-operation has been developing and deepening ever since. During 2016 Dr Johannes decided that his apprentice was ready to take some customers of his own.  He has now sucessfully worked with clients both from Sweden but also internationally from the US, UK, Asia and Australia.

Apart from magic Ola is also a clairvoyant and trained and experienced in various skills like healing, hypnosis and forecasting the stock market with methods like astrology and numerology, with astonishing results. He is also a skilled tarot reader and
can help you diagnose your situation and see solutions to your problems.

Ola is a natural talent and magic has one way or another been a part of his life since early childhood. His first experience with magic came around the age of 4-5 when he was convinced that he could change the physical reality by thought alone. During his teenage years he got a summer job at a pharmacy in order to get the opportunity to work with herbs and mixing powders. At the same time he started to experiment in manifesting things with thought power, several years before “the Secret” became an international new age best seller. He was able to loose weight and get fit, get an “impos
sible” highly paid job, a good looking girlfriend and catch a huge salmon on a fly. He is now highly enjoying helping other people to solve their problems and reach their goals. 
Ola was born in 1972 and lives near the east coast of Sweden.

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