Psychic Readings and Magical/Spiritual Diagnosis. 

se i brännvin

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Why order a psychic reading?
In order to determine if we can be of help or not, we have to a diagnosis of your situation. This is also called a psychic reading or, as in the local Swedish tradition; "a spådom". To do this accurately we need you to send us the full birth names, pictures, and date of birth of the people involved in your inquiry. It is helpful if you also provide a bit of history. 

What is done in a psychic reading?
In a magical diagnosis, we will look at what surrounds the situation in terms of spiritual, magical, and energetic activity. The same is usually done in regards to all persons involved. After having gotten a grasp of that we make an estimation of what you ask is possible to accomplish within a reasonable time frame and what kind of help we can offer you. We will also look at and if there is anything you can do yourself and, if so, include instructions on how to do this.

If you wish to enquire about our position in the queue, you can do so at any time. If the case is an emergency or you have a very limited timeframe, let me know and we will keep it in mind if a spot opens up.

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