Over the years The Root Doctor have succesfully worked with many clients and cases. Here are a few of their stories:

"A kom in på XX-skolan!!!!
Tusen tack!!
N.E., Skåne.

"I got an email this afternoon to announce me that I was pre-selected for the great casting...
 I'm scared, but happy! :)"
S, France. 

"Dear Dr Johannes
Once again I am so much grateful for all your efforts to give support and blessings in my family.
Things are much better now and my daughter X has secured a job that is really really happy about!!!! ...
Thank you again for all your help, support and kindness. Words are never enough to describe my gratitude."
C, United Kingdom.

"Hej Johannes!
Vill tacka dig för ... 
Började känna efter några timmar ett inre lugn och idag känner jag att kroppen håller på att bli av med det onda ögat, känns som min rygg börjar "lätta" och jag känner mig starkare i ryggen...Åter tusen tack för detta.
B. J"

"I hope this email finds you well on today.  Thank you for your time, patience, and work concerning my case. Tears are streaming down my face right now. On yesterday, I received a call from XXX concerning my XXX application. They stated that there was a glitch in the system and that I NO LONGER needed the XXX portion for my business.  She stated that Medicaid was going to move forward processing my application.....Tears. ...I am so grateful."
//S.C, Business Owner. Texas USA.

“In 2012, I got in contact with a fake psychic who stole thousands of pounds off me; she obtained my card details and helped herself to all my savings. Reports were shown online that she had ripped off a multitude of clients, even making one suffer from a breakdown and having to be hospitalized. She found this funny, as numerous reports show. 

I did the right thing and got in touch with the fraud department and managed to win the case and my money back. She lost. However, my life wasn't the same after that. I got the worst bad luck ever. I suffered from frequent nightmares, suicidal thoughts, I failed my uni placement, my Dad nearly died (twice), my Grandmother suffered very ill health, and I had the worst neighbours ever who were horrible to me and antisocial. Earlier this year, I got into a relationship with someone I liked, as I did the previous year. Out of the blue and after a few weeks, both ended it. I was regularly falling out with friends, EVERYTHING went wrong.

I stumbled across Lucky Mojo in February and came across the Rootworkers. I was immediately drawn to Dr Johannes, and wrote to him with my case. He did a reading for me, and as reiterated, I am astonished at the accuracy. He picked up on something that no one else knew about and set about solving my case. I am sure many others will agree, but I shall not go into too much detail about what was done etc so as not to 'weaken' the magic.

We haven't even completed the work yet, but the results I have seen so far are literally amazing. There is far too much involved to be coincidence. I have told him this already in thanks, but some of the results I saw have included lots of good luck and protection; I didn't have enough money for the bus a few weeks ago, and the driver refused to let me on. Out of nowhere, a stranger came up to me with his hand held out and £'s worth in change and said 'take what you need'. My Dad's health is improving. My friends are no longer falling out with me. I have been getting loads of work with my job and been protected from bad luck. I no longer feel suicidal since the work. Strangers walk past and smile at me now rather than avoid me. I am in a new relationship with a man who is the spitting image of what I have been searching for; kind, honest, caring, generous, reliable, sweet. Rather than the last relationships where they suddenly fizzle out and end it, he seems to be growing closer and closer to me as the days go by. 

Dr Johannes, I know you don't go on here much, but I sincerely want to thank you for all you have done for me and your AMAZING work. I have not seen results quite like it! My only regret is I didn't find you sooner. 

To others- I really recommend this man, as I cannot explain the outstanding results I have seen already. Thank you!
//Nony65 (From the Lucky Mojo Curio co forum)
Help getting back kidnapped kids
"En lång och för alla uppslitande vårdnadstvist ledde fram till en stressad situation för alla inblandade. En krock mellan Svensk och Irakisk kultur, olika åsikter om uppfostran.  En tvist utan vinnare, bara förlorare,  svikna löften och grusade drömmar. I samband med besöksrätt tar den ena föräldern de två unga barnen och mot barnens vilja lämnar de Sverige. Ledtrådarna ledde till Mellanöstern, först Syrien och sedan till krigets Irak. Barnen har varit borta utan livstecken i ett år när kontakten med Johannes tas.
4 veckor efter kontakten med Johannes kliver modern med sina två barn in på svensk polisstation och överlämnar sig.
Tack Johannes!"
//Vän till familjen
//Vän till familjen

 Help with sleeping problems
“My partner and I have been together for seven years and even before I knew him wakefulness has been a problem for him. He is a businessman and it was his habit for years to wake in the night and work for an hour or two. We are both in our early 50's and even though B…workload isn't as heavy as it once was a restless sleep is now the norm. I am not expecting any miracles here Johannes :) But of late B… is finding his inability to sleep through the night very frustrating!”
One week later:
“There has been a gradual improvement and he slept well last night, considering Brandon also had a stressful week at work this is certainly good. Thank you again.
Kind regards,
- New Zealand
"Johannes helped me get my sleeping rythm back twice now and it has meant a lot to me. I can truly recommend  his method if you have trouble sleeping"
Å.L - Sweden. 
"I am so happy that my former ex is not there to disrupt my life or the children's. thank you so much for that Johannes. I still don't now what outcome that would have been of me now if l didn't come to you for assistance."
IG - Sweden
"You indeed are powerful ...yes spiritual masters like ur calibre are on the case & indeed acting in strong force ...thx for ur support in this tough time, I m thankful to God to get your help "
S. - United Kingdom
"Dr. Johannes ist great !!!

I got everything I wanted and more. It seemed to be impossible to reach the goals. But he has worked it out.
Immediately movements and the results came in very short time (after only three months completion)
If you hire Dr. Johannes, follow his great advice and you will get what you desire. I really really reccomend his retainer service.
And I have learned al lot about myself, about my own skills and about hodoo. He is very nice, understanding and patient. 
Dr. Johannes I say thank you to you from the bottom of my heart."


"Johannes is wonderful. He is knowledgeable and dependable. The results of his work are often seen quickly. I am more than happy with him. I adore him."
CB - Colorado, US.
"I know and I am sure that all of the AIRR rootworkers are great.

But for me Dr. Johannes is the greatest. I went to him in a really bad situation, everything was going from worse to worse.
I was desperate and didn´t know what I shall do.

The reading done by Dr. Johannes was great and showed a way out of the deep valley. I had been so totaly down and he was very kind and undestanding. He has taken me in in his Retainer Service. I really recomend this. 

My situation is much more better now. Since he is working on my behalf circumstances changed in an amazing way in a very short time. He is strong and really skilled. He gave and is giving me great advice. Follow this advice, he knows what he is telling you. That is my expirience.

Dr. Johannes I want to say thank you to you. You are an amazing rootworker and magician, a very nice and understanding man. You really take care for your clients.

Now I know everything will turn out right. And I will get what I desire."

T. - Austria
"Dear Root Doctor,

Just a short note to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!
Things have been moving gradually in the right direction since the work you did for me and last Friday I have finally got a job!!!
My daughter has also very good news and has been accepted to her second choice of university (her first choice was not available any more by the time I contacted you).
All in all fantastic improvements in my life and its all down to your help. I am really really grateful."

C- UK.
"Dr Johannes

Thank you.. so much. 

My story is that my sister has been ill for the past ten years with an auto-immune illness which has now to started to affect her vital organs. In all of these years she has never once gone into remission and so the disease had started to attack her organs - lungs, kidneys, heart, etc. In sheer desperation, I turned to Dr Johannes. I was scared of doing so because I did not want to place so much hope in something that I knew very little about. It was a struggle to get the money together, but Dr Johannes started work on her a couple of months ago. I sent him some of her personal items, then held my breath. 

When I say that my sister has been seriously ill - I am not exaggerating. She almost died last year, and, in addition to this had become exceptionally depressed, giving up all hope of being able to have a fruitful life. She was housebound, unable to walk far, unable to go out and her life consisted of thrice weekly hospital appointments. Last year she had 120 hospital appointments, this provides an indication of what she was going through.

She stopped communicating with the family and refused to allow us to help her or to go and visit her. I had spent the last year or so quite depressed about her health and felling guilty that I was well when she was so ill. 

My sister travelled down to spend time with my mother about three weeks ago and stayed for ten days. The first time she has done so in about 8 years. When I saw her, I seriously could not believe the transformation. She was walking ( and quickly) and had started to go to the gym twice a week (in her own home town) - the gym! This is the woman who in the past it had taken 3 hours to walk 4 miles one particular day. When I saw her, she told me that her doctors had told her she had gone into clinical remission from the disease, that there was no sign of it in her body. 

At first when she told me this I thought she was lying to appease the family, so we would not worry about her, but she wasn't. I still cannot believe it. Although she still has heart and lung issues (irreparable damage caused by the disease), the illness itself is not in her body. My sister did not know that Dr Johannes was working on her. She still does not know and I do not intend to tell her. He also provided me with a powder to distribute amongst her affects and she is none the wiser.

She is planning to go abroad - to travel. She has more of a meaningful life now. She attends the gym, goes to craft classes and go outside to mingle with people - something she never did before. Her confidence has also increased exponentially.

I never thought that hoodoo could have such an effect. Never in my lifetime and if I was a rich person, I would seriously keep Dr Johannes on a retainer because what he did for me and my family has worked. My mother was the biggest sceptic, she really was and even she has to admit that hoodoo works in the right hands. We had really given up hope and I was becoming desperate and upset and I felt useless. 

I cannot really express my sense of gratitude and wonderment about Dr Johannes' skill and talent in the area of healing. It is really remarkable. My message to anyone who is going through any form of physical or medical illness is to seriously consider Dr J as a Rootworker to turn to”. – 
Annapurna, UK.

"...your magic is did working.I met a girl online recently and she made her way to see me today..and our first encounter turned out to be a sexual one..so I see your magic is working. ;-)" JB- Colorao, USA.
"Thank you Dr Johannes, i was very desesperated when i went to you, sad, confused and determined to leave everything behind. After your reading and the work you are doing for me today i can say i'm very happy and determined to continue with my goal. My life changed for good. Thank you Dr Johannes even the work is not done yet i have faith that everything will be fine. I recommend Dr Johannes with all my heart, he is wonderful and amazing. withing 3 weeks i have seen positive results. Thank you". - V. USA.
"Dear Dr Johannes

I hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you for the very positive
energy around me that you created...
I am really grateful as  after I spoke to you the situation seems much
better and the general atmosphere has improved.I do not know how you helped
but I know you did." - C. United Kingdom.

"Dr. Johannes, Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help with my situation. I Thank You from the very bottom, to the top of my Heart. You are accurate, reliable, thorough, and extremely responsible in your work. I wish you and your family "Much Great Success" in your endeavors!" -Anonymous, United Kingdom.

"Johannes, … my strength has returned and I feel as if I am becoming myself again. Thank you from all my heart, you probably saved my life or made it worth continuing!" -- Y.T., Sweden.
"...My dreams are returning to normal… my house feels more peaceful & quiet! Its warmer too - no more cold air & draughts, and my physical body feels warmer. My anxiety and fear is lifting off and I'm feeling more "present" in this world...Thank you so much Johannes, for everything you're doing to help me. I cannot express my gratitude to you enough". -- A.G., Ireland.

"Dr. J. is the best!! I have worked with other root workers and no one has manifested the results which were told to me to be unachievable. I have Johannes on a retainer and he continues to help me in ALL areas of my life!." - C. Miami, US.

'I've consulted many rootworkers and Dr Johannes is the most gifted and honest... His rootwork has brought tremendous changes into my life in the last two years: a new and successful career, prosperity and most importantly, courage to become the person I truly am. Dr Johannes has this spiritual aspect that resonates with the Chinese culture I came from,...Magic can change a person's life at the right moment--and Dr Johannes helps.' --Nicolette, Hong Kong.
"Dear Dr. Johannes, I just want to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the work that you have done for me, and not just the uncrossing root work, but the encouragement, reassurance, and patience you have shown and extended to me throughout... I would recommend and commend you to anyone in any part of the world who requires any help … I have experienced your ability long distance and know that it works..." – C.K, Singapore.
“… My dreams are returning to normal… my house feels more peaceful & quiet! Its warmer too - no more cold air & draughts, and my physical body feels warmer. My anxiety and fear is lifting off and I'm feeling more "present" in this world...Thank you so much Johannes, for everything you're doing to help me. I cannot express my gratitude to you enough”. -A.G, Ireland. 
“Thank you so much Johannes for taking the time to read my very long play by play history and helping me *know* things in a way that gives me peace of mind. You picked up on some very non-obvious facts and emotions, some of which I wasn't even aware of. I'm really impressed!..” -SophiaMia, US.

“… I chose to have a reading done by Dr. Johannes on a whim more than anything. I didn't have a specific problem I needed answers to. It just happened that the universe conspired that I should have just the right amount of confusion to seek answers more along the lines of a general spiritual consultation.

I asked my questions by email and waited. I read the response and was floored. Dr. Johannes took my very general questions and easily touched on things that I have never spoken with to anyone. That in itself is remarkable, but the spiritual guidance he gave me along with practical every day advice was astounding and priceless. Life changing is not a term I'm used to using lightly, but I can comfortably use it here. Because of Dr. Johannes' reading my path is clearer than it's ever been. Truly, Dr. Johannes is called to this work. I don't think a testimonial can adequately convey the depth of my gratitude to Dr. Johannes, but it's a start.

I would easily recommend a reading by Dr. Johannes to anyone, particularly to the seeker. He is truly gifted for the work he does and his abilities are incomparable.

Thank you so much, Dr. Johannes!”
Tristan, - US

“Dr. Johannes, It´s a real pleasure to know you.

I met you when I was on the brink to insanity. Since the relationship I came out from was physically, mentally and spiritually draining after abuse, a lot of aspects in my life were just going downhill.*I totally lost it*.

You could be able to come in my life at just the right time to clear the mess and help me straighten out my life.
To say that I am flawed by your divination is an understatement. You have an extraordinary ability to see the very details in a situation and give clear perspective on the problematic issue. You are very passionate about your work and I can understand that now that my thoughts are clearer. Thank you for your wonderful advice when I was a nervous wreck. I follow them through and now I´m seeing the fruits of your work for me and my children. Thank you, for the prayers you conducted on my behalf and for the splendid work you have done for me.
Thank you. I´m a stammis* (regular customer) now and I highly recommend anyone to your services.”- Herbarite - Sweden

Thanks, I did as you suggested. What would I do without you?

Johannes is a great insightful Reader! I recommend him! 
Indian female, USA.

"To Brother Johannes, Your recipe rocked! I dressed a glass-encased yellow candle (for the success of the sun), with your oil blend. I'm signing the lease tomorrow! YAY! Thank you for the assistance and the recipe. This will be my first home with my partner and it's a BEAUTIFUL place with all new carpets, new wood floors, granite counter tops, a balcony, in a quiet neighborhood, tons of storage, and only $1500 a month - 4 blocks from the Pacific Ocean. 
Hoodoo works, yo!"

Eddy G. CA, USA
"I asked for it, I'm getting it...lol...in fact there were certain things I affirmed during this work that I can clearly see manifesting now.
It's quite amazing! Good work on your part for certain, Johannes. You are the man! (and your partner-the woman!) hehe"

J.B, Male, New Jersey.

"First of all I would like to give thanks for all the help I have gained through your fantastic work!
The Uncrossing Mojo has often removed negativities. In the beginning I felt it off and on, and perhaps not very much, but then it came alive all of a sudden,
and to my great joy it was like a warmth within which healed, strengthened and cleansed.
I have noticed that the Love/Money Luck Mojo bag creates friendship among other things.
The first week I felt it quite strongly, the phone rang a lot for a while, noticed a money event and I had an enormous luck with buss schedules like never before.
One really feels the difference those Mojo bags make. I think people around me have noticed that I have changed because I feel very energized in a comfortable way, 
like I am give extra help at work. So I thank you for everything. One gets so much in return that leads to positive changes and I feel everything progressing forward.
Thank you!! You are gold worth!"

C., Female. Sweden.
"Dr. J did a cleansing on me a couple of weeks ago and my luck turned completely, form lots of bad luck to lots of luck.
Got a job after three years of unemployment, was courted by men like never before, got new friends and my mood felt a lot better." 

Female 34 years old, Sweden.

"I felt my lovelife/sexlife being dry and wanted help with this. Within the following months I was being courted by many women of whom I had sex with several. 
I had a success in the matter that I never ever been even close to before... Extremely successful!" 

Pontus, Male 25, Sweden.

"To hire Johannes was something of the best I have ever done.
I was tired of being single and tired of casual bar dates so I wanted help with finding a guy for a serious relationship. 
Shortly after Johannes started his magic I met a wonderful guy who fits to what I desired in an almost frighteningly accurate way. 
It clicked at once for the both of us despite him having been single all his life and never wanted a relationship. 
We have now been together for nine months and we fall more an more in love every day." 

Mimmi, Female 32, Sweden.

"My problem was that I couldn't get any sleep in my new apartment. Something flew past the bed and sometimes something pressed against the cover.
It was a very uncomfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. My boyfriends sister, who I rent from, also told me that she had experienced strange and frightening 
things during the ten years she lived there. 
After a few nights I had enough of being awaked constantly and having sour shoulders every morning so I moved out.
I felt very sad about this since I still had to pay rent and really wanted my own space. It was then I decided to contact Johannes and ask for his help. 
Once he arrived at the apartment he had brought things that should be smoked on charcoal at the walls, a few oils that he anointed candles with etc.
It took about two hours and while he worked he explained what he was doing, how the things worked and what I should keep in mind for the future. 
Now, when everything has been done and I had a nights sleep here, I can only state the fact that this feels like a completely different apartment.
And I mean especially the bedroom, of which I was so scared of before. When I woke up everything felt calm and I had no pain in my shoulders! 
The feeling was like waking up at granny's house out on the countryside. I almost expected to see green fields and grazing horses when I looked through the window.
Someone could of course say that this is a Placebo effect. But the difference is so remarkable that I have a hard time thinking that I could have imagined all thisä.
it doesn't matter and I am satisfied anyhow and want nothing else than to start living in my new apartment!
I am eternally grateful to Johannes for his work."

Linna Johansson, Female, Sweden.

"My deepest thanks for a very giving and insightful course in magic. Your knowledge in the subject seems incredible trustful
and you teach in a very inspiring way. I so grateful you came to us and gave us the opportunity to share your knowledge in magic 
to me you are a very wise soul with incredible powers beyond my horizons." 
Hugs//Camilla, Ljuspunkten in Kilafors, Sweden.

"I had great problems with an ex. boyfriend. He refused to leave me and my current partner alone. 
He contacted my parents, wrote letters threatening my current partner, spread false rumours about me to friends and acquaintances. 
When I no longer could focus on my job or anything else but the harassments I realized that it had gone too far. I was incredibly tired
of being a victim of the circumstances and that is why I decided to contact Johannes.
After Johannes had finished his work my ex. boyfriend stopped suddenly. Eventually our common acquaintances also began terminating the
contact with the ex. one by one. Possibly because he started to project his frustrations on them instead of on me.
It has now been over two months and the situation feels very stabile. I am glad that I choose to contact Johannes in this matter,
even thou I initially was uncertain whether it was going to work or not. 
Thank you so much for all your help!"

"Johannes, thank you from my whole heart for all the help. Priceless (or simply worth everything) and so precious. 
Another calmness in the home here, a calmness that has spread on to me
I've had problems keeping green plants alive and now they are thriving!
My teeth! They have been a catastrophy before. Bleed every time I brushed them and had a strange taste in mouth, completely gone!

I dream lucid dreams again, I sleep quietly and I wake up alert just like in the old days.
Slowly, but surely, my strength has returned and I feel as if I am becoming myself again.

Thank you from all my heart, you probably saved my life or made it worth continuing!"

//Ylva, Female, Sweden.
"I had contacted DR. JOHANNES GARDBACK at the most crucial time in my life for a marriage spell.
It was wonderful to work with him. he was very kind and patient with me
all throughout the work and supported and counselled me always. 
He is very good with his advice and very honest and kind. 
I Thank him for the ritual and wish you all the very luck to him. He is wonderful and very positive person.
Thank you so much for the ritual you have done for me and being there for me all the while during the ritual.
I have received the report and the pictures. I have understood as you have explained me the report. 
Thank you for being there for me all these weeks you have casted the ritual and for being honest with me...

Anoymous. Female. London."
"Dr. J. is the best!! I have worked with other rootworkers and noone has manifested the results which were told to me to be unachievable. I am on a retainer and Johannes continues to help me in ALL areas of my life!
Thank you for all that you do." 

Woman, USA
"Thank you so much for the lovely mojo, I did not feed it as yet but I have kept it with me. 
Just wanted to tell you I have money now from family thought to survive for my new semester and might not need to struggle. 
You are very honest with your work. I really appreaciate it."

Female, India.
"Dear Dr Johannes 
I just want to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the work that you have done for me, and not just the uncrossing root work, but the encouragement, 
reassurance and patience you have shown and extended to me throughout, as well as answering questions and giving advice. 
I am really grateful to you that in less than 3 months of you commencing your work for me, I ended an almost 1-year futile 
search for a job where that 1 year was frustrating and agonizing with unexplainable obstacles and problems. 
I would recommend and commend you to anyone in any part of the world who require any help in any parts of their lives to enlist your assistance and services, 
whether you can be on site to do the work or otherwise. 
I have experienced your ability long distance and know that it works. 
Thank you ever so much." 

CK, Asia

About the candle you made: I lit it almost every day and there is still some left. Sometimes it was lit until the next morning and yet it never ended.
Things have become much calmer at home.
As soon as thing got disturbed, I lit the candle and everything changed. The oil was really effective as well [Lucky Mojo's Peaceful Home Oil], it smells incredible good. 
Me and my husband got a much milder and loving relation.
The powder you made for R [the daughter] made her a lot calmer and positive about her future and she has a lot of ideas and inspiration now. 
She doesn't hate me anymore either. :-) 
About my job; People are a lot milder and friendlier, including the boss. 
Thank you so much for all the help you gave me. I could not have managed such difficulties in my life without your help. 
I did not have the energy to fight an go on living, felt very bad, alone and everything around me was incredible negative 
You have helped me to become mentally stronger and more self confident.
You removed all the black magic and changed my life to a positive direction. 
I got peace in my family thanks to you. Me and my family are now very well thanks to you and you helped me 
to keep my job and make it much, much better. I thank you and wish all the best to you and your family."

Female Swedish-Iraninan Mother
"So then, I'm a pretty straight shooting person, and came to Hoodoo a huge cynic. 
And let me tell you, I've never paid so much for an oil, and I expected to be grumpy about it. Not only am I not grumpy I'm convinced you didn't charge enough. 
Not only was the oil of a GREAT quantity, I wish more would sell in larger amounts for those of us who are regular practitioners, 
but it was PACKED to the gills with herbs, and I was impressed right off the bat. 
I've put it to the test, and it works! Works REALLY well, almost by itself. 
I used the following ritual for a friend who was not sleeping well. 
Your oil on a small white (Sabbath candle) 
Name papers anointed with the oil and wrapped around valerian root 
Read over with Psalm 3 
And my client has had 3 solid nights of great sleep. 
I would like to know what other oils you make... 

Lara Rivera, Female Hooodoo Practitoner, TX USA