Testimonials for Apprenticeship & Courses.

Here are some words from students:

Ola Mattsson (Sverige):
"Att ha en livs levande lärare som kan vägleda en i ens magiska utveckling är ovärderligt jämfört med vad man kan uppnå genom att läsa böcker och söka information på nätet på egen hand. Jag är välsignad som fick möjligheten att studera för Dr Johannes, det har ändrat mitt liv för alltid. Han är erfaren, skicklig, mångsidig och en i allra högsta grad kompetent magiker. Han har dessutom en oöverträffad förmåga att känna av elevens färdigheter och hjälpte mig att upptäcka förmågor jag inte ens var medveten om att jag hade. Hans magi är oftast enkel men ruggigt effektiv. Det är frågan om resultat- och målorienterad no-nonence magi av främsta klass. Dr Johannes: The real deal! "

Corinne Boyer (USA):
"I have been working closely with Johannes Gårdbäck for nearly one and a half years. I approached him with the specific intention of wanting more training to build up my confidence and knowledge to do practitioner work. Coming from a background in traditional witchcraft, folk magic, plant lore and trance work, I felt that even with all of the tools that I had already acquired, there was something missing. I am so glad that I followed my intuition and had the opportunity to work with Johannes. My training with him has far exceeded my expectations.
Johannes is a gifted teacher and practitioner with so much experience that his approach is practical, no nonsense and efficient. He is extremely generous with his knowledge, for those that are committed to doing the work. He challenged me and tested me in ways that I would have never sought on my own and at times, pushed me gently out of my comfort zone in order to polish my skills and put them to use. He is helpful and thorough with his guidance, and ultimately very encouraging. While he has high standards, his expectations are realistic and he has been very understanding when life gets busy. At the same time, I feel blessed to have a teacher with such skill and discernment.
Johannes is also a walking encyclopedia of folk lore and magical applications, it is a joy to be exposed to this. He is always willing to answer my many questions, and has been very patient with the learning process. I feel honored to work with him and feel much more well rounded in my ability to do practitioner work for others, including spirit work, spell work and all manners of practical magic. He has expanded my horizons considerably as he is one of the few people that I have met that thinks like an old school magical practitioner- he focuses on the magic and the work being done, rather than the image or the aesthetic. Also, nothing shocks him which is great. He has pretty much seen it all.
If you are called to working closely with spirits, helping others in the invisible realm, doing the practical and getting your hands dirty type of folk magic, if you enjoy being challenged and problem solving, and if you have high ethics in regards to your magical work, Johannes is a wonderful guide, mentor, teacher and resource.


Miklos (Hungary):
 "I have known Johannes for more than 4 years now. My deepest interest started about Trolldom, the Norse folk magic tradition when I came across a thread which mentioned a book, still unknown for me at this time, which was soon to be published, written by a Swedish author called Johannes Björn Gardback. I started a small research on the topic and later I contacted Johannes and asked about the possibilities of studying from him as I have always found it important to study directly or even in an online form compared to studying from books.
At this time we could not manage the teachings but in a few months time Johannes’ book was published and in his book I found endless pages of information; both on the historical facts of Trolldom and hundreds of practical, time honoured practices found in the tradition. For me it was the time when I knew I need to study from this person; his descriptions and background information deeply convinced me of his knowledge. After I finished the book (and re-read it many times through the last few years), I started on a journey of studying about the Norse / Scandinavian folk magic, mythology and folklore / folktales. Finally I came to a deep conclusion of the endless similarities between Trolldom and my own nation’s folk magic practices
. Time had passed and one afternoon this February I saw a post made by Johannes about the apprentice program. I felt an instant pressure to read it and find out about the possibilities of studying from Johannes directly. I contacted him immediately and he answered in a kind, helpful tone. There are options regarding the intensity of the courses, which are mostly based on the different payments. In my opinion it is a wonderful opportunity as students with less time (or less financial resources) can study and profit, even in a slower pace compared to the full-time apprentice program. What was different in this case, compared to my previous studies was the feeling of being unique with my own strengths and weaknesses. When we started our lessons in the first few weeks we concentrated on these and tried to build up a solid knowledge / practice. Whatever level you intend to reach with this course or otherwise, the most important is to be familiar with the basic techniques and build upon these bricks. Johannes will give students these first bricks and upon this solid foundation build a palace with all the knowledge he can teach.
What is really amazing about him is that he is not restricted to Trolldom, he is an endless source of information about the magical practices of the world in and of himself. Through this 6 months of my apprentice program I found a teacher who can answer my questions and teach me everything I want to study. In the person of Johannes I found an excellent teacher / mentor whom I can call a friend without any doubt