The taboo of Kringgärning in Trolldom

Since there is a tendency among lovers of the norse culture to follow old practices such as celebrating "Helge Torsdag" it could perhaps be of interest to shead some light on another very widespread custom of similar nature.

It is a taboo and most practitioners of Trolldom are aware of it although it has not been commonly followed since the early 1900. It is called "kringgärning" (meaning; doing something that goes around). A "kringgärning" is any act that makes something go around and it used to be strictly forbidden on certain days. Especially on Thursdays but in some areas also on Saturdays.

It is said such acts disturbed the spiritual powers, who were most active in these days. So if you want to be one of those practitioners who enjoy the epitet of "hard core" you should avoid anything that goes around these days. In modern days that would include going by car, bus or train, avoiding the computor  (since the fan goes around), no dish washer, no TV, no stirring in pots and pants when cooking or using mixers, no pole dancing or using those modern gym tools etc. Perhaps this old taboo could come in handy for stressed out city folks nowadays.

Forbidden practice if done on a Thursday