Trolldom traditional powders - Simon Judas Powder

There are several traditional powders in trolldom. Once such is the powder of Simon Judas.
It requires human bones from three cemetaries collected on Holy Wednesday, some Tibast picked on Midsummer morning and snake skin.

The mixture should be burned to a powder in ones own house on a Thursday before sunrise.
If worn, taken in food, given to the sick or spread indoors it said to have 15 good virtues. But if spread out of doors in front of a house it has 15 mischievous effects.

References to the powder can be found among the many trolldom spells and methods collected by Leonhard Fredrik Rääf (1786-1872), published in "Svenska skrock och signerier". (Kungl. Vitterhets-, historie- och antikvitetsakademiens handlingar. Filologisk-filosofiska serien, 0083-677X ; 4. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell) by K. Rob. V. Wikman in 1957. And in other places.